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Discouraged no finish with my Canon S2. I finally discovered my digital camera was killing the batteries with it turned off. I obtained so used to charging the batteries, solely to seek out the next time I needed to make use of it, they have been flat. I thought it was cuz they went flat on their own over time, however i soon found it solely took days. So then I started to make use of my S230. The S2 was out of wty. I figured it was an expensive lesson that not all Canon merchandise are good value. I paid virtually list for this camera shortly after it came out. As a result of it rarely worked, to today it only has 1300 photographs, and a few hundred of those are simply making an attempt all the ideas to unstuck the dreaded black display screen. At first it hardy did it. Then became in order that it would not give me a display. I might charge the batteries to use it, solely to search out black display screen. Then I checked and tried the whole frequent routine of 15 sec. 7 sec routine. Nothing. Then tried tapping, nothing. Did manage to get a slight exposure if i held digicam right up toa vivid mild. But it will not even do that any more. In a cruel ironic twist, the lack of being in a position to use the digital camera has made the stuck iris worse, (if that's what's improper) by sitting around so lengthy being off and never in use. This digital camera has been a nightmare only months after I bought it, and i consider it has been flattening batteries in OFF mode since brand new. I merely can not afford this horrendous loss. It is among the worst purchases I've ever made. What to do? I am tempted to go in and restore as deep as I must go. I do have some mechanical expertise and can solder if want be. If Canon shouldn't be going to do right by their loyal house owners and difficulty a Canadian recall, what is an individual to do? Is there any detailed data at all relating to the free wire on the sensor going to the circuit board? Thanks upfront to anyone who may also help with any information in any respect.

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